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Imagine yourself living life the way you want it.

Not anyone else’s way.

What if it’s traveling full time?

Instead of going on vacation once a year for two weeks, you can do it indefinitely. Go through Europe (or any continent you wish to go to!).

You could also be sipping drinks on the beach instead of sitting at a desk.

What if your dream is to work from your laptop?

You wake up late in the morning and go get dressed. Sitting casually on your couch as you start working on your online business for the day.

Or maybe even getting to figure your life out!

You go to an internship or volunteer position where you can focus on helping others while having the time to focus on yourself.

These are all potential things that you can do, but you just have to open yourself up to the diverse possibilities of what life has to offer!

I love this blog post on launching a new blog! The tips on blog traffic and email list growth are great. Definitely pinning for later!!


My name is Veronica Pineda, and I made this blog, PASSION BY GIRL, so that you can live the way the way *you want to*!

Not how others want you to.

See, I believe that many people are unhappy with their lives, but don’t actually do ANYTHING to change it.

Why are people like this?

Instead of doing what their heart is telling them to, they go off and do what “society” tells them to do, even if they don’t want it!

I understand that some people really love the American dream:

  • get college degree in field w/good prospects
  • get job
  • get married
  • have kids
  • work till 65 or longer
  • die with regret

I don’t want to have any regrets. You don’t want to have any regrets. Sometimes the ©LifeScript just isn’t for everyone.

And that’s perfectly okay.


So, I’m in college right now and I’ve been busy with my last assignments that I haven’t had much time to work on this blog.

But it’s ok because it’s better to launch and get the blog out into the world than wait another few weeks and have things perfect. I’m all about taking action and beating perfectionism!

To specifically prepare for launch, I bought the following:

  • Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • WordPress Theme
  • a few of courses/ebooks for me to educate myself

The ebooks/courses have been really helpful for me to learn more about different aspects of beginner blogging and blog marketing.

Also, I had another blog before and bought other courses then so I did brush up on some of them.

By the way, it took me HOURS to set up this theme the way I wanted it. It’s fun, though!


So, all the advice I hear for beginner bloggers is that you can’t focus on everything. Because then you’ll have nothing.

So, only focus on a few areas of your blog and then leave the rest be.

For me, I’m going to be focusing on the following:

1 // Creating amazing blog posts

Content marketing is at the heart of blogging. If you don’t have great blog posts that people are willing to share, then you will never grow as a blogger.

I recently bought The One Hour Content Plan from Meera Kothand (one of the best bloggers ever in my opinion). Her ebook has helped me create a content calendar and write better blog posts.

If I don’t write good blog posts, PASSION BY GIRL will not succeed as a business. And I want to make this into my full-time business, so this is very important to me.

2 // Email marketing

So, I’ve been working on one really good freebie for you guys to download the past few weeks (busy, busy, busy!!). I want this to be my site-wide freebie that will I will promote on the homepage of my blog and on all social media platforms.

Hopefully this will work to get subscribers..

The next thing I’m gonna have to do is to start emailing my list with basically mini blog posts. I want to provide exclusive freebies and content that won’t be available here, so please join my list so you can get more free content!

3 // Pinterest

Many bloggers who blogs about blogging says that Pinterest can be a *major* traffic.

If you master this platform, you can make a full time income blogging quickly.

I want to focus on the following for Pinterest:

  • great headlines, so people will actually click my pins
  • great pin design (with the Pin Design course from Breaking the One Percent, it’s great by the way)
  • Pinterest SEO (will have to do more research on this but I hear this is really important too!)
  • group boards, so I can actually get traffic

I have to develop time to this so I can *actually* get people to find my blog.

All my content will be for almost nothing if I don’t actually take the time to promote it well enough.

4 // Affiliate Marketing

I don’t have a big enough audience or any actual ideas to release a product (yet), so I’ve decided to focus on affiliate marketing as my first income stream.

I’m not going to push too many affilaites this month (around 2 or 3 at the most).

So, the easiest way for me to start is to promote blogging products that I know are awesome and that you will like too! This month I want to release affiliate posts on the following:

I’m being upfront with this because PASSION BY GIRL is a business, not a hobby blog.

I know many bloggers don’t get into this as a business, but spend years developing their audience and monetization strategy.

Personally? I don’t want to spend years doing that, especially since I’ve heard of bloggers doing it in less time with incredible focus (6 months minimum, although Silas and Grace from Chasing Foxes started making a full time income in 3 months – damn!!).

I know that it’s possible for me to make money from this blog AND be authentic at the same time.

The way to do that is to put you guys first when it comes to what products to promote and share how it will benefit you (and why!) all as opposed to just the features, details, etc.


So, I’m not setting up any goals for my blog. I know this is controversial, but lately I’ve been working on being more mindful and present, so I’m not thinking into the future or the past all the time. I want to work my hardest to get this blog noticed, regardless of the outcome.

I am worried that by not having goals set up, I may fall to the side and not actually achieve anything with this. So, I’ve decided to set up “systems” of how I’m going to do certain thing so I don’t “fall off the wagon”, so to speak, instead of goals:


  • this is going to be a bit hard, but I want to publish 2 posts a week. I hear more posts = more traffic (without sacrificing quality)
  • read content marketing books for tips
  • take notes and apply them to posts going forward


  • finish site wide freebie and promote it everywhere! Especially on Pinterest.
  • email list once a week
  • if time: create funnel that leads to promotion for affiliate product? Not sure what yet..


  • create 5 pins for every blog post
  • create 5 pins for site wide freebie
  • join 20 group boards to start
  • get Tailwind to pin content automatically


  • join affiliate programs for 3 products and create affiliate posts around them for December
  • promote them on social media/Pinterest with pins in group boards
  • promote to email list with a email of resources..

This is my plan so far (I may change this/add to this) but I like it right now!


This is my plan for the next month. I’m going to change my life, gather up an audience of like-minded people, and hopefully earn a bit of money.

Do you want to change your life? Live life the way you want to? Find your passion, be happy, and grow as a human being?

Or do you want to stay the same? Keep working at the same desk, silently complaining in your head about your soul-sucking life and dreaming for things to change?

Take some action and join the PASSION BY GIRL TRIBE.

Are you in? Or not?