For the passionate young woman who wants to live life on her terms. She is on a journey towards freedom and defining her own version of success. She’s beautiful, mysterious, wild, and free, just like the ocean.


I’m here to help you live your life on your terms and follow your dreams. A few years back, I was saddened at the fact that I thought I was going to live a pretty boring life as I was looking into colleges and 9-to-5 jobs. I was also unhappy with my personal life and wondering what to do, but never taking any action to change it.

Over time, I made changes to my life that have made me happier in my personal life. I lost weight, gained more energy, created my own online business, and now I’m working to make a full-time income from PASSION BY GIRL.

Note, I’m not an expert on lifestyle design, and I don’t claim to have all the answers on that. But I do have personal experience, and I will share some stories with you.


I empower young women to redefine success and follow their hearts: instead of chasing fortune, and fame, to follow freedom, opprotunity, creativity, and growth. To live life on their terms, and not anyone else’s. To live a life filled with happiness and passion as they pursue their dreams and follow their hearts. This blog is for the soul searchers and day dreamers who are ready to take action and live with passion!



Find a fulfilling career that suits you and lets you have freedom instead of just paying the bills.


It’s crucial that you grow as a person if you want to live a more positive life. Find meaning in the present and you will grow to be happier.


Staying healthy is SO important to living a better life. Especially in my experience, incorporating healthy habits is one key to improving your situation.


Financial freedom is the greatest thing to have, especially if you want to have more space to do whatever you want. To an extent, money does equal happiness.


Traveling is literally one of the best paths to personal growth. You’ll see different cultures and embrace diversity all around you.

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